En route to global occupation

en route to global occupation

En Route to Global Occupation has 34 ratings and 4 reviews. Exposes the political forces around the world that are cooperating to unite the people of thi. High ranking government liaison Gary Kah warns that national sovereignty will soon be a thing of the past. Political forces around the world are now cooperating . En Route to Global Occupation [Gary H. Kah] on eddas-kleines-traumland.de *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The publisher says this book exposes the political forces. Gary Kah (Author) High-ranking government liaison Gary Kah warns that national sovereignty will soon be a thing of the past. Uncovering the Secrets of Bible Prophecy: 10 Keys for Unlocking What. en route to global occupation

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Uploaded by Sophie3an4P on February 22, Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Games Apple Computer. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Topics Gary H. Collection opensource. High-ranking government liaison Gary Kah warns that national sovereignty will soon be a thing of the past.

Political forces around the world are now cooperating in unprecedented fashion to achieve their goal of uniting the people of this planet under a New World En route to global occupation. Because of his background in government, Gary Kah was invited to join the WCPA World Constitution and Parliament Associationoverseeing the planning and implementation of the one world government.

For the skeptical observer, the material in this book "should serve as ample evidence that the drive to create a one world government is for real," including reproductions of the original WCPA documents. The author further demonstrates that there is an ominous cooperation between the globalists, who are promoting the one world government, and the burgeoning New Age en route to global occupation, who are promoting a season end kamelot s religion.

If our countrymen do not begin to resist this global government, sovereign nations will cease to exist and a single global economic system will be established. Kah has received a myriad of honors for his scholastic and professional achievements: Governor's Commendation for outstanding service to the State of Indiana; the A. Identifier-ark ark: Ppi There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Games Apple Computer. No part of this book may be reproduced without permission from the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review; nor may any part of this book be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or copied by mechanical, photocopying, recording or other means, without permission from the publisher.

Huntington House Publishers P. Dedication To the memory of my mother-in-law, Marcella Liechty, who went to be with the Lord during the writing of this book. It was her godly example and steadfast encouragement that helped me to keep writing when times were difficult.

Her prayers and heartfelt desire for people to know Jesus Christ as Lord live on with this book. It was in many respects the perfect job, the land that most people only dream of having. The last thing I ever thought I'd do was to research and write a book on the seemingly obscure subject of globalism and the occult But I now realize that God had different plans.

Through my travels and job-related contacts, I became aware of plans being laid worldwide for the establishment of a one-world government, most frequently referred to by insiders as the New World Order. Most of my insights were gained over a three year period as a result of several experiences.

Had I learned about this information from someone on the streets, I probably would have dismissed it as nonsense. However, because of the circumstances surrounding my experiences and the caliber of people through whom I learned of these things, I had no choice but to take the information seriously.

Each trip, it seemed, provided a new insight or discovery, tak- ing me further and en route to global occupation into a New World Order plot Whenever a deception or contradiction was brought to my attention, I would begin to look into the en route to global occupation for myself in search of the truth-I am by nature a curious person who likes to get to the bottom of things.

My investigation ultimately extended around the world, from Taiwan to Israel to the Soviet Union. I soon realized that this movement was not only economic in nature, but also contained a political dimension, and indeed, a spiritual motivation, I found the inter-connections between the three to be extensive. Unless one is already aware of the far-reaching influence of occult societies in global politics and corporate boardrooms, one might find much of this information difficult to believe.

However, more than ten thousand hours of research have led me to conclude that we are rapidly being pushed toward a one-world government by powerful Luciferic forces rooted in age-old secret societies. These forces, incredibly evil in intent, fully expect to accomplish their mission during the s. I myself have had a rare glimpse into the forming of the world government by being involved in an orga- nization participating in this effort. This material should serve as ample evidence that the drive to create a one-world government is for en route to global occupation.

Only a few thousand people currently know about the WCPA. However, this will soon change. The WCPA's efforts have become increasingly blatant in recent months as it is preparing to launch its public campaign. Unless this book reaches significant numbers of people quickly, the organization could 9x17 greys anatomy links be operating out in the open.

Its campaign will be ex- tremely deceptive and will receive the full support of unsuspecting people throughout the world. Although Bush, Gorbachev, De Cuellar, and various members of Congress have openly been talking about the "New World Order," none of these leaders has dared en route to global occupation explain the true meaning of the term.

This is because the public would try to stop them if they un- derstood what it really meant Secrecy has been crucial to the progress of the plan. By communicating in their own esoteric language, insid- ers hope to be able to further their plan with little resistance, to the point where it will soon be impossible to stop.

I have chosen to release this message at this time because en route to global occupation my belief that the New World Order is drawing near, I have taken this stand at a considerable risk to myself and my family. It is my prayer that those reading this book would spread the message as quickly as possible while there is still lime to effectively expose this satanic deception.

As the present age draws to a close, it is important for us to be apprised of the relentless strategies employed by the prince of this world to bring humanity under his rule. Only if we are adequately informed and prepared can we effectively carry out God's musique de fond mp3 dur- ing the time that remains.

This book will help equip you with the knowledge and spiritual discernment needed both for the present and for the days ahead. The kings of the earth take their stand and the en route to global occupation gather together against the Lord and against his Anointed One. Psalm 2: My guess is that the company was laying the groundwork to approach the gov- ernment for some financial assistance for their expansion.

Two of us went as representatives of our department to meet with these corporate officials, along with members of a U. After receiving an impressive tour of the facility, one of the members in our group asked why the firm was planning such a ma- jor expansion. The corporate official in charge of the tour replied, "We are one of three companies being considered by the U.

Trea- sury Department to build the printing presses that will be printing the new U. Here we were, all of us government officials learning about the planned new currency through the grape- vine from a private non-governmental source. The corporate official, when probed about the matter, claimed he didn't know much beyond Global Economics 9 what he had already told us. However, as I returned to my office, I couldn't help but wonder what this was really all about Over the en route to global occupation few weeks I spent my free time investigating the new currency and the purpose behind it 1 discovered that other people were asking questions as well.

One of those individuals was Congress- man Ron Paul of Texas who served on the congressional committee dealing with the Treasury Department on this matter. To make a long story short, I learned that the plans to issue a new currency were international in scope; at least a dozen major countries were also planning to come out with new money. I did some more digging and discovered that several countries had already issued new currencies in various denominations.

Most of these currencies had two tilings in common-they had bare spots about the size of a fifty-cent piece, usually on the left-hand side of the bill; and they contained metallic strips, enabling special devices to detect the currencies as they passed through airports or across international boundaries.

Some of these currencies are en route to global occupation on the following pages. If the currencies are held over a light, a three-dimensional im- age or hologram becomes apparent in the area of en route to global occupation hlank spot.

The images, barely visible to the naked eye, are always of prominent world figures and cannot be reproduced on copiers. The effort was clearly being internationally coordinated. Rumor had it that the cur- rencies might later receive a common image linking them together in an international monetary system. Several years have passed since I first learned about the pro- posed new currency; for some unknown reason the issuance of new money has been delayed.

Based on my information, if we were to enter into a world government within the near future, the next step from a monetacy standpoint would still include the establishment of an international currency system.

However, because of the rapid ad- vances in electronic banking technology and the proven willingness of consumers to quickly adapt to these changes, the chances of by- passing the next step entirely and going directly to an electronic cash- less system are increasing. If the powers-that-be perceive the public to be prepared for such a move, I believe they wouldn't hesitate to make this jump all at once, in spite of the large investment that has already been made toward the new currency.

If this were to be the case, the main focus of international fi- nance would shift toward promoting the debit cards, which are already 10 11 m ,: To make a purchase, your card is passed through a scanning device.

After mak- ing a positive Identification your bank account is automatically deb- ited. One Card. The technology for such a worldwide electronic system is already in place, and experiments with such a mark have been conducted in several countries.

Other developments are underway as well. In the not too dis- tant future, products on our grocery shelves may become labelled with an invisible bar code.

However, only the scanner will be able to read it Once this transition to an invisible code begins to take place, it will only be a matter of time before humans are tattooed with a similar mark.

It is not unrealistic to expect en route to global occupation process to come to fruition during the s or the smart defrag part of the next century. If globalists have their way, such a system could be operational as soon as Over a twelve state region stretching from New England to the Carolinas, for example, three New York super-banks now control over 85 percent of the banking assets.

Small local banks were first bought out by larger in-state. Big- ger regional banks then purchased these large state banks. Once this process had been completed, the regional banks were merged with the New York super-banks in unprecedented acquisitions until a few banks controlled nearly everything.

This all happened during the late s and early 80s. This en route to global occupation process is now being repeated throughout the rest of the country. Little did I know at this point that I was still only scratching the surface on these matters.

I would soon discover that the same forces behind the big bank mergers already controlled the American banking industry indirectly via the Federal Reserve System. This has Global Economics 13 been the case ever since the Fed's establishment in Contrary to public belief, the Federal Reserve is not a government institution. It is a privately held corporation owned en route to global occupation stockholders. Until a few years ago, however, the names of those who owned the Federal Re- serve was one of the best kept secrets of international finance due to a proviso on passage of the Federal Reserve Act agreeing that the identities of the Fed's Class A stockholders not be revealed.

McMaster, the publisher of a financial newsletter called "The Reaper," was able to determine who the Fed's principal owners were through his Swiss and Saudi Arabian contacts.

These interests own the Federal Reserve System through approximately three hundred stockholders, all of whom are known to each other and are sometimes related to one another. Congress, however, see- ing through the mr bean em ferias filme completo motives of those sponsoring the bill and aware of the unconstitutionality of such a system, voted the bill down with strong backing from the small bank lobby.

Those who had led the congressional opposition to the Aldrich Bill felt that the battle had been won and were guilty of letting their guard down. Many of these individuals had already left for the Christ- mas holidays when the bill was reintroduced and rammed through Congress on 23 December Because of the way en route to global occupation which the Federal Reserve System was designed by its founders, whoever controls the Federal Reserve Bank of New York essentially controls the system.

Constitution prohibits private interests from issuing money or regulating the value thereof. This power belongs only to Congress. Thus, according lo our Constitution, the Federal Reserve System is an illegal enterprise. The controlling interest is held by fewer than a dozen international banking establishments, only four of which are based In the United States.

The rest of the interests are European, with the most influen- tial of these being the Rothschild family of London. Each of the Ameri- can interests are in some way connected to this family.

Included among these are the Rockefellers who are by far the most powerful of the Fed's American stockholders. The Rothschild family, I would later discover, has been allied with the Masonic Order Freemasonry since the late s. At that time they were still a relatively small, although ambitious, banking concern based in Frankfurt, Germany.

By cooperating with the secret societies, however, the Rothschilds would be able to expand their banking operations into other European countries, benefiting from the extensive international business and political contacts of Freema- sonry, which was already well established throughout the continent Freemasonry, on the other hand, needed money to finance its efforts to build a New World Order, and the Rothschilds would en route to global occupation able to provide such funds, Thus, each party would benefit from the other.

By the s, the Rothschilds had become the dominant bank- ing family of Europe, controlling the fastest growing banking houses in France, England, Austria, Italy, and Germany. Operations in these countries were en route to global occupation by the five Rothschild brothers, each of whom controlled a different country. Those bankers who allied them- selves with the Rothschilds and the Masonic Order became wealthy in their own right.

Those who didn't would find the going tough.

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