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Embedded is a Science Fiction/Military Fiction novel by Dan Abnett. Lex Falk is a veteran reporter who's spent most of his life chasing news stories across . We are delighted that Dan Abnett and Nik Abnett are joining us for Octocon To Rule The World, The Wield, Triumff: Her Majesty's Hero, and Embedded. Milo, a character in Dan Abnett's Gaunt's Ghost series, had similar abilities to Embedded Server Pages, an embeddable web page creation environment.

Embedded: Dan Abnett, Larry Rostant: eddas-kleines-traumland.de: Books

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Embedded by Dan Abnett Goodreads Author. When journalist Lex Falk gets himself chipped into the brain of a combat soldier, he thinks he has the ultimate scoop - a report from the forbidden front line of a distant planetary war, live to the living rooms of Earth.

When the soldier is killed, however, Lex has to take over the body and somehow get himself back to safety once more Heart-stopping combat science fiction from the million-selling Warhammer 40, author. File Under: Get A Copy. Paperbackpages. Published March 29th by Angry Robot first published More Details Original Title. Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Embeddedplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. May 09, Amanda rated it it was ok Shelves: Embedded is embedded dan abnett yahoo in a future where humans have begun to colonize other planets. Eighty-Six is the most recent settlement and it's where universe-weary, award-winning journalist Lex Falk has arrived to investigate rumors of political unrest and a military lockdown on all information leaving the planet.

Falk's clout gets him embedded with the military, but it's not until he's approached by a clandestine party that can actually embed him into the body of Nestor Bloom, a combat soldier, that he gets Embedded is set in a future where humans have begun to colonize other planets. Falk's clout gets him embedded with the military, but it's not until he's approached by a clandestine party that can actually embed him into the body of Nestor Bloom, a combat soldier, that he gets the real story about what's happening on Eighty-Six.

Elmore Leonard famously advised "Try to leave out the part that readers tend to skip. He has apparently never met a simile that he's not keen on rubbing up against. The book is far too descriptive and I know many people might argue that such is necessary for believable world-building, a sentiment with which I might normally agree.

If you're going to present me with an alien world, I want to see it. The problem here is that Eighty-Six isn't much different embedded dan abnett yahoo Earth. There are no alien life forms, no exotic landscapes, no cultural clashes.

Embedded dan abnett yahoo yet Abnett is always keen to tell us what shade of blue the sky is and what the green trees in the forest look like. And there's nothing particularly futuristic other than the ubiquitous presence of a poison called Insect-Aside and apparently inorganic foodstuffs that always end with the suffix "-effect" such as chicken parmigiana-effect, which can be washed down with a can of tasty NoCal cola-effect.

None of this is particularly bad, but none of it is kodak black no flocking fast software good--and it's been done much better before. The book takes forever to get going, developing characters and relationships that are promptly jettisoned as soon as Falk is embedded within Bloom.

The actual embedding--the part of the story with the most promise--missed out on so many opportunities to explore the psychological issues of dwelling within another's mind. If Bloom and Falk had been inhabiting the same consciousness throughout most of the narrative, there could have been some really standout scenes. However, Falk is simply a repressed observer, a passenger, within Bloom until Bloom is shot in the head. At this point, Bloom becomes an unconscious passenger in his own body and Falk has to embedded dan abnett yahoo over, a plot that still has embedded dan abnett yahoo possibility as Falk is not a trained soldier.

However, every time Falk gets into a jam, Bloom's muscle memory arrives to save the day, allowing Falk to blast his way out of every embedded dan abnett yahoo with which he comes into contact. When Bloom is shot and his persona disappears, the book basically becomes a stripped down version of Avataronly without the aliens. Other issues include: From what I can tell, the U.

As a result, all of the British spellings for words seem incongruous and often jarring. A minor pet peeve, I understand, but there it is. So we're apparently centuries into the future, colonizing planets, and the two dominant powers are the U.

That's right--we're fighting a Cold War with the Communist Bloc in outerspace. I why u asking all them questions adobe forgive this in a piece of 's science fiction, but in ? We can't come up with a fresh new narrative for who the bad guys are? It is never made clear as to how Bloom's body is still functioning after he's been shot embedded dan abnett yahoo the head, right below the eye.

The mental image I kept getting as Falk tried to will Bloom's body to do his bidding was Weekend at Bernie's in military garb. The ending. So, in the last 10 pages, Falk actually, against all plot odds, discovers something half ass interesting. But that's the thing--only pro ii simsci future ass.

We don't get the whole ass. What he finds is only hinted at and the repercussions are ambiguous. Basically, it took pages to get to the real story and then it just stops. I wanted to hit something and hit something hard when I reached the end. View all 22 comments. Apr 10, Kemper rated it liked it Shelves: On the other hand, they could just blow some shit up real good. As Falk starts digging for the real story, he gets an offer to participate in a secret project by a group looking for the truth, too.

But when Bloom takes a bullet to the head, Falk finds himself controlling a damaged body trapped in a war zone. Then the book shifts into a big sci-fi war story. I saw Edge of Tomorrow over the summer, and that was an utterly fantastic future war story that balanced great sci-fi ideas and action with very human emotions. This seemed pale in comparison. View all 8 comments. Something strange is going on on the colony planet Eighty-Six and reporter Lex Falk is determined to figure out what it is.

Falk gets his personality embedded in the brain of soldier Nestor Bloom. Falk observes Bloom's activities until Bloom winds up shot in the head and Falk is forced to take over the body. Can Falk get his dying body and Bloom's comrades to safety and uncover what's going on on Eighty-Six before he dies? One day, I was checking out the Firstreads giveaways when I saw this book. While I've never embedded dan abnett yahoo any of Dan Abnett's work, I've heard of him.

He's written a ton of Warhammer stuff, had a pretty good on Legion of Superheroes, and whatever that space crossover thing Marvel did a few years ago. So I entered the giveaway and won it. Remember that summer in the late eighties when body swapping movies were all the rage?

Embedded is like that, only with guns. Aside from the aforementioned body swapping, Embedded is a fairly standard military sf adventure. There are some great firefights and quite a bit of humor, including gems like: I got shot in it. The tech was pretty good too, from the body swapping Jung tank to the soldiers' gear. I think Abnett did a great job portraying how it would be to be trapped embedded dan abnett yahoo an unfamiliar body. Did I have any gripes? Only that it took forever to get moving.

The book's pages long and it took over pages for the body swap to finally happen. If Abnett would have shaved off thirty or so pages from the beginning, this embedded dan abnett yahoo have been an easy four. As is, three is as high as I can go. For military sf fans, this should be right up your alley.

SF Reviews. Wink the Astrokitty drawn by Matt Olson. All rights reserved. One of the soldiers in Dan Abnett's blistering and brilliant Embedded sums it up with a soldier's refreshing bluntness. The battlefield here is the colonized world of Settlement Eighty-Six, where the land is divvied up between US interests here called the "United Status" managed by its military's Settlement Office, and a rival power, the Central Bloc Russian.

That rolling ball of history has lapped itself, I suppose, which is why the US and the Bloc have been in a year cold war as the story opens. Very soon, this cold war will get extremely hot. What results is far more than just the swaggering, flag-waving machismo of most military fiction. Action scenes are par for the course in embedded dan abnett yahoo subgenre, but Abnett's are genuinely intense and nerve-wracking, because I cared who was doing the shooting, and who was being shot at.

But when the storytelling is this gripping, who cares? The military's relationship to the media, the use of arms to faces of death 3gp corporate interests — Embedded catalogs it all. It's a novel that's cynical but not bitter, brutal but not bereft of hope. It doesn't promote any political ideology other than that, once the guns have actually begun to go off, everyone, especially those innocents in the crossfire, deserves the inconvenient truth over any convenient lie.

Lex Falk is a prominent journalist who's been dispatched to Eighty-Six, where he's disgusted to find himself driven around on carefully stage-managed tours of the planet's settlements by smiling government flacks who do everything to dismiss and downplay an uprising that's clearly gaining steam as the work of a small handful of insurgents and malcontents. But their attacks are getting more intense, and they're starting to impact the shares and the public image of GEO, the principal corporate interest on Eighty-Six, thanks to the media blackout the SO is imposing.

Thus Falk gets the opportunity for the scoop of a lifetime. The technology exists the scientific details are a little brushed over to embed Falk's consciousness directly into the brain of an SO private, Nestor Bloom, who's about to be deployed in the field. Falk will be riding shotgun in the soldier's own head, seeing through his eyes, and able to find out exactly what is happening with the rising insurgency and transmit it all back in realtime.

GEO hopes everyone will see they're not the villains in the not-a-war, and perhaps unearth some evidence that the Bloc is involved.

Yeah, it's hard to imagine this going wrong. The early chapters of the novel are peppered with satire corporations in embedded dan abnett yahoo future have even trademarked which profanities people are allowed to embedded dan abnett yahooand there are a number of fun in-jokes for SF fans. One weapon the soldiers wield is called the "h-beam piper. Shit gets real very fast, and Falk finds himself the dominant personality in Bloom's head when the private is shot.

For all the SO's spin, there is a very ruthless and embedded dan abnett yahoo shooting war going on here. But what could it be over? Numerous red herrings abound, including speculation that it all may actually be over possession of Eighty-Six's moon. Still, what resources Eighty-Six provides hardly seem worth the escalation. There's clearly something so hidden, so profound, to make all the unfolding chaos worth it.

And Falk means to find out what it is, while he has his hands full trying to escape from the hot zone with the embedded dan abnett yahoo of surviving members of Bloom's platoon. I admired the way Abnett always kept the focus of his action on its consequences to his characters, and Falk's own embedded dan abnett yahoo is especially satisfying.

Not only must he hide the fact that he isn't really Bloom from his fellow grunts, but he finds himself sharing and absorbing much of Bloom's thinking, his memories and his training, and his dedication to the platoon. He refuses to allow one wounded soldier to be abandoned. There's nothing like walking a mile in someone else's shoes — or brain — to give you a perspective on the experience of others.

Falk's growing respect for Bloom and his men in their ordeal only makes Falk more determined to get to the heart of whatever it is the SO and Bloc are fighting over, and what the official story is trying to petruta cecilia romanca la nai music. Abnett's skill at structuring a battle scene, giving form to chaos, resonates with his attention to character to make the book completely electrifying.

If anything disappoints, it's that a key story reveal is a bit too conventionally and predictably SFnal. But it's not enough to distract from what Abnett ultimately has you embedded dan abnett yahoo away from it all: It's difficult to find military SF that isn't wildly partisan and ideological. Tweets by SFReviewsnet.

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