Los aldeanos el rap es guerra yahoo

los aldeanos el rap es guerra yahoo

2 The Cuban artists I include in this dissertation describe their rap music as belonging to the “Rap es guerra” (“Rap is War”), and “El atropello” (“The Abuse”)75 75 All of these raps were composed by Havana rap duo Los Aldeanos. from popular public domains such as Yahoo, Google or Hotmail is a possibility only. El Rap Es Guerra by Los Aldeanos feat. Papa Humbertico, El Discipulo and Anderson - discover this song's samples, covers and remixes on WhoSampled. In this April 23, photo, members of the band Los Aldeanos, Aldo life in songs like "El Rap Es Guerra," or "Rap Is War," words he tattooed on his forearm. Dreadlocked, muscled and tattooed, Aldo, as he was known, was a “El Rap Es Guerra,” or “Rap Is War,” words he tattooed on his forearm. they've never been seen in Cuba, the videos of the song “El rap es guerra” ( with Papa Humbertico, El Discipulo, Anderson and the Aldeanos).

I interviewed him last week at Real 70 Producciones, a studio outfitted with his own resources and makeshift equipment. He then began listening to US music and also had a los aldeanos el rap es guerra yahoo who performed break dance. He heard Cuban hip hop for the first time inat a concert by the group Primera Base. At that time, most of the musicians used backgrounds of American music to make their songs.

The musicians who recorded their songs charged a lot and most really had no interest in hip the vampire diaries 4x02 cz. In the documentary Real 70other rappers refer to your Real 70 Producciones studio as the backbone of underground Cuban hip hop.

A los aldeanos el rap es guerra yahoo of them record here. All hip hop in Cuba is underground because no record company will record a hip hop CD. Yes, but it is not official, and I have to come up with everything. Of course not. What everyone aspires to is creating their music and marketing it without sacrificing the message.

Does a contradiction exist then between the message and the commercialization of work? For example, some record companies proposed making a CD by me, but they insisted I change some of the lyrics and remove others. Yes, Real 70 is a documentary and a disk produced by a Spanish recording company, Mixer de Medios. In contrast to some people who say making music with digital programs is not art, Papa Humbertico thinks these media have made it possible for rappers not to depend on the big record companies for the production of their disks.

He also believes they have helped them with the promotion of their music since they can los aldeanos el rap es guerra yahoo their songs onto the Internet. How can these people access your music? People pass the CDs around from hand to hand, at hip hop performances and concerts. For example I went all the way to Santiago de Cuba and ran into someone who had a cut I had recorded the previous week.

Even vendors who sell music CDs in the street have Cuban hip hop. The los aldeanos el rap es guerra yahoo was even nominated at the Lucas awards. It was a song they were committed to make like the one by that other guy Baby Lores with a tattoo on his arm who began singing that song. At the Digital Media and Culture Conference held recently someone mentioned that you had just joined the Cuban Rap Agency but that you denied it in a way I found quite sharp.

When you join the Agency you can get paid for your performances. The reggaeton is music for having a good time.

Before reggaeton it was salsa, but we were there. However, when I began listening to hip hop init seemed to me that it too was fairly macho. In the documentary Real 70one can see that the vision has changed a little. Maturity, I suppose. In the documentary you said something that caught my attention. You believe there should be changes in Cuba, but always within the framework of socialism.

What are you referring to? We need true socialism, a system that respects the fundamentals of socialism. What we have is a military dictatorship. Jose Marti said power in a country should be in hands of civil society, not the military. Papa Humbertico was also basketball player, despite his small stature. My ignorance made me think it was a religion. The fundamental principle is belief in a supreme being, be it Christ, Allah or Obatala.

Why do they call you Papa Humbertico? Does it have something to do with hip hop? Your email address will not be published. March 6, March 6, Circles Robinson 1 Comment. But you live off your music, from what you make in your studio… Yes, but it is not official, and I have to come up with everything.

That means that being an underground rapper is not something one chooses? Were they national or foreign companies? Because I already consider myself a los aldeanos el rap es guerra yahoo. What do you think of the image of women projected by reggaeton?

What do you think that is due to? Like what? I also work with Omega Kilay. Could you tell me something about your order? Absolutely not. I was called that ever since I was a kid. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Photo of the Day. Havana, Cuba. By Ivett Orozco Cuba.

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