Ag book condensed bq music

ag book condensed bq music

Palatino is the name of an old-style serif typeface designed by Hermann Zapf, initially released Palatino rapidly became popular for book body text use, overshadowing the It appeared in the D. Stempel AG catalog in and Zapf used it to set his .. "From Condensed Light to Extended Ultra". "Michelangelo BQ". Ag Book Rounded Bq Bold Download Free Condensed,,-,, Download,,Free,,Fonts,,-,, AG Book (or AG Buch) is a derivative of Akzidenz-Grotesk that brings it closer to medium extended, bold extended (), and light condensed italic (). Download AG Buch Condensed BQ Regular For Free, View Sample Text, Rating And More On

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Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Yahoo Answers. Plz post a list of fonts here!!? Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. Best Answer: Heavy Aargh! Source s: Add a comment. Asker's rating. Print your own list of fonts. Try on Wikipedia.

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Famous fonts used at synthesizers. The idea of such topic raised long ago when I studied graphic editors ag book condensed bq music played with lots of fonts and got some interesting observations I'd like to share to public and there is nothing to hide. Most of the fonts below are strictly copyrighted as a font or as a part of the logos themselves so please: Everything is up to your conscience. This topic also was inspired by some other topics from this forum on which I will make some links.

Your comments and additions to this topic are also welcome as well! Let's start. Buchla fonts were discussed at this and this topics. My observations came to the following: The labels are written with: However finally it was found it was Grotesque No.

More info here: Roland fonts Probably some can find other fonts which are very similar the looks like Data70 since were copied from it. The famous "Computer controlled" was written on everything but also used hazme olvidarla alvaro torres some System modules Some letters like 'e' were changed, probably, due to copyrighted purposes.

The inscriptions with this font type we can ag book condensed bq music find at some D50 or JV-series synthesizesers The inscriptions like 'Drumatix' or 'Bassline' probably were drawn from scratch. The later font used in Juno series is so popular and that's why worth the separate post.

The later arised Juno series seems use very popular at those times Microgramma D family fonts. Is also known in cyrilic ag book condensed bq music as 'Micra font' as easily being found and downloadable at google That was really interesting how many logos were incorporated with this font!

Oberheim logo font seems like a bit changed Bauer Bodoni Black http: Oberheim uses Friz Quadrata for the Ag book condensed bq music. All regular labels - not logos - are usually Helvetica or a variant.

CJ Miller. The caps text in the the headlines and bottom text is Futura. Interesting discussion. Love all these different fonts. Cwejman uses FF Din Bold http: As a former typesetter digital and letterpress and always synthdork, I heartily approve of this thread.

Analog solutions often uses OCR One font: The logotype of Analog solutions seems like TapeGun free one or Architype family commercial one but previously it was Bank Gothic from the s Metasonix uses Ag book condensed bq music.

A Dingleberry Monstrosity. Many thanks for this thread! A Dingleberry Monstrosity wrote: I do like all those sci-fi typefaces. Zenn wrote: Babaluma wrote: These are the fonts I used on my Buchla clone panel.

I used a series of font algorithms and even some pattern matching shit to get them close. I am really happy with the outcomes. Pittsburgh Modular is building a uniquely skewed vision of modular synthesis. Fresh ideas in modern analog circuitry are used to create new, interesting, and strangely ag book condensed bq music tones. What is love? I'll tell you. My favorite modular music system, combined with the following typeface applied to the panel graphics.

Great thread. I always thought that J looked really out of place and ugly. Decaying Sine: I think the spacing should be increased a little too Other than that, it looks amazing. Great thread! Anybody know the typeface used for "Computer Controlled" on the ? Grotesque No. Ace thread, just noticed it. Here are my additions The 'r' and 't' are also slightly different from the commonly available digital version. Before desktop computer digital fonts arrived, alternate characters were quite normal.

To apologize for being pedantic, here is my homebrew version of the above, called Toss. I traced it from lots of big scans of Boss pedals. I've kept as true as possible to the bizarre shapes and general ugliness! Freeware rip-offs are usually badly done or from inaccurate sources see above. Buy the proper ones - a staggering amount of work goes into type design. Fonts don't draw themselves. Rogue Ai. Anyone know what typeface was used for the JX-3P?

Just the one used for 'JX-3P' nothing else. I love the EMS font. So clean and modern. Demi Filifionka. Great read! I've always wondered if there are font-spotters amongst synth lovers! Now I know! Good info to know as I've worked in graphic design, and now are into synths and diy. New way to combine my skills!

I think the font Pittsburgh used works pretty well, mostly because it's reversed. Stands out easy to read- very functional. And a font that's reversed for an actual reason--to mimic the dymo.

That said my biggest peeve has always been those grungy old looking fonts that showed up in the early-mid '90's it bugged the crap out of me when bands would use those and every "e" or other letter looked exactly the same, even though it was intended to look natural. So I had reservations about the Pittsburgh as well, but I really love the mpich2 cygwin incomplete now, it's somehow very inviting.

That's a little misleading. While typefaces are exempt from copyright in the US, they are not exempt from copyright in all countries. Typefaces can be patented. Patents don't last as long as copyright, but it's a strong protection, if they go through the expense of getting it. Font files for vector fonts on computers are covered by copyright. You have to make subtle changes to the characters to sell clones of vector fonts.

Demi Jon ag book condensed bq music The first design patent ever issued, in the s, was for a script typeface. Most patents are on fairly stylized fonts, but not all of them: I love this thread! How do people feel about the EDP Wasp font? I can't decide if I love it or hate it. Wasp font is Frankfurter Inline. Not mad on it but I do like the colour scheme. I'm a self-confessed design fiend, so I love this thread.

I like the Doepfer typeface, so it was good to find out what it was. I've always loved the typefaces used ag book condensed bq music EMS. Wonder which ones they used? Rogue Ai wrote: I'm curious about EMS too.

ag book condensed bq music

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