Terratec t stick linux

terratec t stick linux

If your DVB-T stick is not working because your firmware is not part of the package “linux-firmware-nonfree”, you may have to extract and copy. Hello, I have a Terratec Cynergy T Stick dvb-t usb, and i am trying to install has a NXP tda chip, which is supported by the linux kernel. You just entered Linux Kernel developer Antti Palosaari project page. . 2) IT 0ccd TerraTec Cinergy T Stick Dual RC (rev. Hi! I bought such a stick to build a linux driven video recorder. But the stick istn't recognized by the kernel uname -a. Linux ESPRIMO. Who can help me with this dvb-t stick? I thought it andlinux is offline Frothy Coffee! Probleme beim Installieren - Terratec Cinergy T-Stick.

Installing Terratec Cinergy Hybrid Stick - Support & Help Requests - Ubuntu MATE Community

Post a Comment. It has two independent tuners, so called dual tuner model. AF belongs to same terratec t stick linux family, but it is two generation older and differs notably. Hey TerraTec guys, don't do that in future, it causes quite a lot headache! Device is supported under Linux starting from the Kernel 3. Black box with 3 pins, partially top of IT, is IR-receiver. Terratec t stick linux is connected to the IT, which handles IR decoding.

There is also crystal clearly visible. Crystal markings are missing from the reason or the other, but it is most likely There is two versions of these IT series chips available, version 1 and 2. Chips used on that device seems to be version 1. You could see letters AX v1 or BX v2 printed top of the chip. PCB printings: Main difference mobilgrease xhp 461 pdf these families is integrated RF-tuner.

USB-interface and demodulator seems to be quite same between all these chips. These chips are sold as following chip names and integrated combinations: That chip contains demodulator and RF-tuner. It offers second tuner to that device. Also clock is feed through IT saving one crystal. I suspect it is integrated to the IT I am pretty sure all IT devices does not have eeprom at terratec t stick linux, which makes me wonder if there is versions with and without.

Maybe it will be clear after I teardown few more IT devices. ID 0ccd: Posted by Antti Palosaari at No comments: Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

terratec t stick linux

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