Contiki os github

contiki os github

for Contiki, the open source OS for the Internet of Things - contiki-os/contiki. Using Contiki, Guides and tips on getting started, configuration, and tuning . Latest Development Code. Contiki development is done with git. The Contiki git is hosted at github. Fork the Contiki git here. wget Unzip the file. For the purposes of this guide. The official git repository for Contiki, the open source OS for the Internet of Things - contiki-os/contiki. Contiki: The Open Source OS for the Internet of Things There are plenty of examples in the Contiki source code tree to help you get started with your own code. contiki os github

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You seem contiki os github have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field. Click URL instructions: Please provide the ad click URL, if possible: Help Create Join Login.

Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login. The Contiki Operating System Status: Message as HTML. Oh no! Some styles failed to load. Please try reloading this page, or contact support. Thanks for helping keep SourceForge clean. X You seem contiki os github have CSS turned off. Briefly describe the problem required: Upload screenshot of ad required:. Hi all, tl;dr: Contiki finally moves to Github, fork the repository here: This has slowed down progress and has caused Contiki to miss out on important improvements.

It is time for change. For the past few months we have been discussing various ways to fix this problem. Many were in favor of moving the Contiki project to Github, but at the time, it seemed to us like Github projects required that one dedicated person would be personally responsible for maintaining the official repository, which would not have scaled very well.

So we took contiki os github second look at Github and found that contiki os github organization feature of Github looked almost exactly like what we needed. And we decided to go with Github! What this means for Contiki is that it now - finally - is possible to submit patches and improvements to Contiki, have them reviewed, and included into the contiki os github Contiki tree. We have set up an initial process for this, but we expect to be changing it continuously as we move forward.

The general idea is this: Then edit your fork, preferably by placing your changes in a separate branch. Make sure to follow the code style and naming guidelines.

Submit a pull request for the branch through the Github website to have it reviewed for potential inclusion. If the patch is great, it gets merged into the Contiki tree! Read all about the process here: Be a part of this future. Go to the Contiki Github page, create a Github user if you don't have one, and fork the Contiki code: Struebe in On Cheers Morty -- Dipl.

This is a great news. It will be way more easy to contribute. On Mon, Oct 29, at Having multiple wikis isn't good and Mar and I discussed contiki os github over everything to the Github wiki.

Finally possible to edit a revenant 1080p trailer with a good text editor! No need to muck about with a HTML textedit form widget! There is one small drawback: I personally think the benefits of having a git-editable wiki, which is hosted and administered by someone else, outweighs the drawback of disallowing anonymous edits, so I am definitely in favor of just moving everything over to the GIthub wiki.

Actually for doku there is DokuVimki that can edit pages right from vim: Cool Gitorious is a bit more ethical though but oh well. Already forked, I'll add contiki os github branch with my ncurses CTK implementation. On Tue, Oct 30, at It really is good. It's cleaner than their pull requests? Linus Torvalds' quotes on it.

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