Suffragettes and suffragists powerpoint

suffragettes and suffragists powerpoint

Pete's PowerPoint Station is your destination for free PowerPoint Free Presentations in PowerPoint format. Women's The Suffragettes and Votes for Women. What were the arguments supporting women's suffrage? Women pay taxes just like men and so should have a say in how those taxes are spent. All will be able to describe who the Suffragists / Suffragettes were. Most will be able to explain the methods the Suffragettes used to campaign. Some will be able. Anti-suffragists Beliefs of Anti-Suffragists Adopted un-ladylike strategies from British suffragettes (e.g. heckling politicians, picketing); Refused to support.

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suffragettes and suffragists powerpoint

The purpose of this document collection is to make available to teachers and students a wide selection of documents relating to the suffragette movement. We hope that such a collection will offer teachers the flexibility to develop their own approaches and questions and differentiate student tasks.

All documents are provided with transcripts. Please note that in many cases we have displayed the whole document and highlighted the extract we have chosen to transcribe. These records support numerous lines enquiry on a range suffragettes and suffragists powerpoint significant themes.

Here are some suggestions:. It is important that students recognise that the same document can serve as evidence for more than one line of enquiry. Encourage students to interpret the records, spot inferences and try and detect any unwitting testimony.

Here are some general guidance questions to help them evaluate and understand documents. Teachers may wish to print these out and discuss with the students before looking at the material.

Students can discuss their interpretations having analysed the sources. This could generate discussion about the nature of evidence and how it can be used to construct different interpretations of the past. This contains over 25 photographs and a chronology. With this, we have made available, an interactive map with photographs to compliment it. Younger pupils could be tasked to write their own messages using the code words.

Emily Davison is referred to in the Key Stage 1 curriculum. We provide a source describing how she hid overnight in Parliament. Finally, students could compare how the suffragette movement has been analysed and described suffragettes and suffragists powerpoint a number of published history textbooks in light of these original documents.

They could look at further primary documents provided in The National Archives education related resources on this webpage:. Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world to the present day: Christabel Pankhurst, twenty-three years-old, was impatient for change: Mine was the third generation of women to claim the vote and the vote must now be obtained.

To go on helplessly pleading was undignified. Strong and urgent demand was needed. Success must be hastened. The W. As result of their noisy interruptions and persistent questions, they were ejected and continued to protest outside and were later sent to Strangeways Prison.

Today we might now describe their actions as controversial, but at the time they were found deeply troubling and unfeminine. This public disobedience earned the W. Frederick and Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence funded the office accommodation in the early days.

By the endfifty-eight branches existed across the country recruiting women from all backgrounds and occupations. Membership lists were not kept in case of police raids on their premises.

Nowadays we take marketing for granted, but it was first used politically by the W. U, who created their campaign as a brand.

There were well-designed logos, stylish exhibitions, spectacular processions and meetings in London and the major cities. Special colours represented the movement, purple, white and green for freedom, purity, and hope respectively. Supporters wore the colours and they were used on badges, bicycles, chocolate bars, cakes, jewelry and even a motor-car.

Faced with determined opposition from many politicians, the press and the public including womenKeir Hardie, M. The collapse of the Conciliation Bill was the trigger which propelled the W. Many men supported their wives, sisters and girlfriends, although most men did not.

Yet, these documents reveal that the suffragettes went further: By the summer of the positions of suffragettes and Liberal government were deeply entrenched: Over a thousand British suffragettes had acquired a criminal record and many were imprisoned for demanding the vote.

In protest many went on suffragettes and suffragists powerpoint and were force fed with terrible consequences for their health. BBC archive of historic broadcast interviews with Suffragettes. BBC News story article on the struggle for the vote. Some excellent resources from Parliament. Patented textile pattern by Christopher Dresser.

All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3. Skip to Main Content. Search our website Search our records. Suffragettes on file. What did the struggle for the vote involve? Teachers' notes Introduction External links. Chartists demand suffrage. Suffragist petition. Suffragettes at Number Suffragette procession. Divisions in prison. Hiding in Parliament. Suffrage campaign sticker. Emmeline Pethick Lawrence. Lady Constance Lytton. Census Boycott. Instructions for arrest. Window smashing campaign.

Resourceproviderfactory winforms feeding. The Suffragette Newspaper. About this classroom resource. Download documents and transcripts Teachers' notes The purpose of this document collection is to make available to teachers and students a wide selection of documents relating to the suffragette movement.

Here are some suggestions: What tactics and types of protest were employed by the movement to draw attention to their cause? Did it cross all classes? Have any of the documents in this selection surprised you, or altered your original perception of the suffragette movement? PowerPoint presentations on different aspects of the campaign Create a short video documentary on a suffragette podcasts blogs web suffragettes and suffragists powerpoint Create an annotated timeline of events based on the documents Finally, students could compare how the suffragette movement has been analysed and described in a suffragettes and suffragists powerpoint of published history kidstar i loved you mp3 er in light of these original documents.

They could look at further primary documents provided in The National Archives education related resources on this webpage: Suffragettes on Film This film resources has several clips of archive footage on the suffragettes Suffrage Tales View the animated film produced as result of The National Archives Film Project for year olds in Britain in Transition The Liberal Crisis Edexcel — A Level History: Protest, Agitation and Parliamentary Reform in Britain c England suffragettes and suffragists powerpoint a New Century c Political issues: Subject knowledge, significant individual.

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