Lee greenwood god bless canada mp3

lee greenwood god bless canada mp3

Discover God Bless The U.S.A. Instrumental MP3 as made famous by Lee Greenwood. Download the best MP3 God Bless The U.S.A. - Lee Greenwood - MP3 instrumental karaoke. This title is a . This should work for Canada. sticks 3. God bless Canada, eh!. Parody song lyrics for the song God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood. Buy 'God Bless America by Lee Greenwood' MP3 download online from 7digital United States - Over 30 million high quality tracks in our store. Canada - Patriotic Song "God bless you, Canada". Highway Of Heroes. God Bless the U.S. and Canada. WS Gm4: Lee Greenwood sings "God Bless the. God Bless the U.S.A. - High w/o background vocals [Music Download] God Bless The USA (Made Popular By Lee Greenwood) (Performance Track) [Music. lee greenwood god bless canada mp3

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Original Performer: Lee Greenwood. Parody Song Title: Parody Written by: Kate Un-Heney. I sincerely hope this doesn't offend any Americans or Canadians alike or Europeans, even Lee greenwood god bless canada mp3 think this song is beautiful, and the parody is meant to be mostly serious. And I've feminized it - song straight to itunes Tah-tah. If tomorrow, all the things were gone I'd worked for all my life And my chesterfield was filled with just my children and my guy, I'd thank my lucky stars that our Walk 'o fame maintains, Cuz our maple leaf means freedom, and they can't take that away-eh!?

From the lakes of Ontario, and the mountains in BC across the plains of Manitoba, sea to gleaming sea From Toronto up to Banff, Iqualuit to Calgary Let us not forget our maritimes that make us hosers see-ee That I'm proud to be A Canadian, Where at least the syrup's free And I won't forget the trees who grew and gave that food to me And Lee greenwood god bless canada mp3 proudly stand up next to you, in our french and english ways 'Cuz I know that I love this land, God bless Canada, eh!

Copyright Me: In order for your vote to count, you need to hit the ' Place Your Vote ' button. Voting Breakdown The following represent how many people voted for each category. User Comments Comments are subject to review, and can be removed by the administration of the site at any time and for any reason. Jeff Reuben - July 02, - Report this comment. Go Canadians!

We rock! I'm from Southern Ontario, and have a Newfie friend whose jokes all have a Newfoundlander in them somehow! But anyway nice job on the parody! I think I'll be singing lee greenwood god bless canada mp3 song like that from now on.

Kate Un-Heney - July 02, - Report this comment. Aw, thanks guys! Abhi na nao jao chod kar totally appreciate that: Wild Man - July 02, - Report this comment. Michael Lee greenwood god bless canada mp3 - July 02, - Report this comment.

Happy anniversary, congratulations on Vancouver getting the Winter Olympics, and a salute to the freest nation on Earth! At least until January 20,anyway. Grits forever, and I don't mean Southern food! And being from New Jersey, let me say that we will take very good lee greenwood god bless canada mp3 of your Stanley Cup. Hadda get that in. It is offending canada by saying hi he he he he just jokin it's good. Bihohammeradeloskiamandlemaskitorianalsomaide - October 14, - Report this comment.

Evil - May 27, - Report this comment. Doom - September 03, - Report this comment. Canada - June 16, - Report this comment. You bloody rock. Anyone who finds THAT offencive either needs to be slapped silly or get a sence of humour.

I just heard the original song. Shame on you for making fun of it. It was written for our deceased Canadian Soldiers Greg - May 04, - Report this comment. I am so proud that Lee Greenwood would change the words to his song to have Canadian words. Obviously he thought enough of the men and women who died in Canada to change the words.

Shame on you for changing the words. Shame on the Canadians who think your words were funny. After viewing the film clip of the cofins of the dead soldiers returning to Canada and hearing the song I am truly ashamed of you and you should definately take this " crap" off of the internet. Bruce S. You honestly think this is funny? Don't mind poking a little fun at ourselves, but you stepped over the line on this one. You should be embarrassed for even posting this crap. Russty - June 22, - Report this comment.

I know that we should be relaxed enough to tak a look at the humour in even the darkest moments of our lives: I for one do so regularly. However, I am also a soldier serving in Afghanistan. As lee greenwood god bless canada mp3 have said: But, you know what? Soldiers fight and die for YOU so that you can express even such disrespect. We will continue to do so. Great parody, and thanks for at least thinking of our Country. Too many citizens just use this Country as a gateway to somewhere else.

Too bad. I love this Country and your parody was humourous and with point. Lee greenwood god bless canada mp3 malicious or disrespectful. Me - May 24, - Report this comment. Yes, this song honors fallen soldiers and we should respect that.

But this parody isn't poking fun at the soldiers, just showing how proud Kate is of Canada's amazing quirks. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and in fact I think its nice that she took the time to show off what she loves about her country.

Kate - actually! This is so funny - I wrote this song when I was about 14 years old now 21 and just stumbled across it again when doing that typical 'google of yourself' It's kind of hilarious and depressing to see the comments that are so critical - a preteen girl writing a parody tribute song to Canada based on the Lee Greenwood US version on the internet - with a touch of humor in order to appreciate Canada as I saw it as a naive 14 year old - And that is disrespectful to soldiers?

Sorry, but I fail to see your point. Apologies if it was really that offensive - did I make fun of soldiers? It doesn't seem that way to me.

Let's take a step back, stop getting offended and uppity about innocent fun, and appreciate the creativity of kids, no? I want to support our soldiers not war, but peoplebut I keep meeting ignorant defenders of war who make that harder and harder to do as long as I have any amount of intelligence and conscience.

No disrespect. Sorry folks! In any case, hope I didn't come off like a crazy adult female! Just defending my childhood here: Mickey - November 09, - Report this comment. This is for Bihohammeradeloskiamandlemaskitorinanalsonmaide; it's not Canadian bacon, it's back bacon. I know the syrup's free if you tap it from a maple, but if you get it at a store you must pay Value Added Tax.

Although I was born "you know where," at least it was on Canada Day, and one more thing I need to talk aboot; when you say "eh," that's just a polite way of saying now it's your turn to talk, eh?

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